Broken Quest Livestream =D

Yay, the super secret project is finally revealed! Also wow, adult humour much xD All the episodes can be found on the channel below!

Just promoting this video because it was fun to see everyone hanging out and cracking jokes and it was interesting to see them answering questions and discussing the show. EDIT: I did this originally on the youtube video (which is now private), but eh, it should be approximately the same. All the gifs from above were made by thedkdude

7:40 They start talking about the show and characters (and Jesse comes up with #succuboat)

22:50 Guest appearances are brought up (including the guy who did Jim Raynor), Jesse pitches an idea for Crendor as a lizardman ex-boyfriend to Dodger’s character, named Lil Skittlez (any Blood Bowl fans get the reference? xD)

34:00 Husky talks with the executive producer about the series

47:00 Chad tells everyone about a movie where Gary Busey is a dog…it gets weird

50:50 #whoplaysthebird (no one yet,but you can make suggestions and maybe it’ll happen later ;D) Also Husky says stretch mark instead of stretch goal…> >

53:00 A little bit in, Jesse talks about his sex tape (titled Too Fast, Too Furious) Jesse will go out with any guy who’ll pay for dinner. Also he doesn’t understand what subliminal messaging means. Also #ravageme

1:02:00 And now the first episode with commentary =D

1:19:00 Answering questions

1:27:30 Interview with the director

1:36:00 More questions! Also Husky’s complete summary of Law & Order SVU (Why was there semen in the victim!?)

1:40:00 Interview with Greg of BarnyardFX who does a lot of costume creation stuff

1:50:00 Husky’s interview about his character Jonric, the 27th, (the idiot hero of the series) and the show overall

1:59:00 Rosanna’s Interview =D She introduces Violet, the reformed irritable succubus.

2:09:00 Dodger’s interview about were-lizard sorcerer Aggie.

2:21:00 Greg and Husky show off some of the work that’s been put into creating the costumes for the cast to wear when promoting the show in-character


2:37:00 Group Overlord voices xD

2:40:00 Davis’ interview about the antagonist, Sid

2:47:40 Jesse’s interview where he comes across completely insane and creates the new phenomenon the Slap That Butt song and the following dance with everyone else > >

2:53:30 The first instance of the song, the #slapthatbutt tag, and Ro losing it completely.

2:56:00 Questions part 2!

3:11:00 Blatant product placement (in Husky’s face)

3:18:00 Ro is asked about what she’d do for the show for Nerdy Nummies, and she spills the beans about the common cake whores who’ll appear later.

3:28:30 Husky calls out everyone watching the stream (who also happens to be masturbating) > > Thus the chat goes, “but how did he know”

3:31:40 Episode 2!

3:37:00 Promoting everyone in the room and where you can find them on various social networks

3:44:00 Weird Jesse zoom-ins and beard rubbing live

3:50:00 Return of the Slap That Butt song, along with an original dance by Jared

3:53:00 Dodger does scary Titan face and the final interview video, which is a compilation of all of them for anyone who’d rather get the whole coverage of the characters and the show.

…whew, that was long.

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